Innovative Engagements

Innovative Engagements

India International Culinary Classic

In the inaugural edition of Food & Hotel India (FHIn) in 2018, a conscious approach was taken to launch creative culinary deliberations titled 'India International Culinary Classic' (lICC). The step aimed at creating a prestigious zone for international culinary competitions that not only highlights the excellence of the food industry, but also brings forth the desired culinary skills to claim fame.

Shaped in the form of an annual culinary extravaganza, IICC is the ultimate arena where culinary talents across India display their food mastery, seeking accreditation and feedback to escalate their level to excellence. Participants are judged by a panel of internationally acclaimed chefs.

With strong support from the Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA) and Western India Culinary Association (WICA), IICC has been established as a niche competition designed on an international modelled framework; it has emerged as a gathering point for the gourmet industry to network, share experiences and marvel at the creative show pieces.

In 2019, ICC will be held from 18th to 20th September at Food & Hotel India 2019, Mumbai—a two-day Cook Fest that will include different cooking challenges, categories, presentations, extensive personal interactions and other related activities.

Food Retailers Conclave

It is a platform that connects restaurateurs, cafe owners, and hospitality professionals from hotels and catering institutions to learn and share ideas. Pressing issues are taken up as discussion agenda while the industry experts interact with exhibitors and visitors to take on questions and ideate possible solutions. It is a great platform to get to the depth of the food retail, be it in hotel or restaurants or standalone outlets. Moreover, a variety of topics are taken up to identify other elements that affect food retail business like funding and kitchen design, integrated approach of chains, etc.

Purchase Managers Forum

The key drivers of any food and hospitality trade shows are purchase managers, who—apart from lead management heads—understands the pulse of the needs of an organisation and accordingly outline a purchase agenda. We get the noted purchase managers from different spheres of the food and hospitality industry onboard to conduct this innovative forum to deliberate on proactive business measures and purchase trends. It is an apt forum to watch out for where regional preferences and buyers’ approach will be analysed. It is great place to meet and network. Serving as a lounge with meeting facilities, the Purchasing Managers Forum provides purchasers from across the region an environment conducive for business discussions.

Gelato Championship

Top ice cream specialists in the country come forward to compete together at Gelato Championship. The event is aimed at encouraging creativity among the ice cream market professionals who, as trend propellers, pushes innovative thoughts. It has emerged as a great platform in India to showcase the best talent and products to the world.

ProWein Education Campaign

ProWein Education Campaign India will be a one of the most sought-after events at FHIn 2019. It brings wine and spirit connoisseurs together under one roof to discuss the business game plan for the future. This event, particularly, creates an apt avenue for alcohol dealers, producers and local suppliers; therefore, it is a must to be present at by the who’s who of wine and spirit trade not only to establish business contacts, but to also know the nature and possible trends of the Indian alcohol market.

India Barista Championship

India Barista Championship (IBC) is an exclusive affair at the FHIn for professional competition authorized and judged by industry stalwarts. It aims at providing a platform for coffee professionals and enthusiasts to share their knowledge, and to compete and celebrate this beverage segment.

India’s Leading Restaurant Chains

Food fairs need to be celebrated and, coupled with hospitality fanfare. Keeping up with that spirit, FHIn 2019 will celebrate the coming of age of this industry by felicitating excellence in the Indian food service sector. Leading restaurant chains will be recognised for their innovation and trendsetting approach that will take the F&B industry toward global excellence.

Hospitality Strategy Summit (HSS) 2019

Being one of the emerging sectors in the country, the hospitality industry has the potential to be one of the biggest employment generators in the country. HSS 2019 thus is going to become an even more aggressive platform for industry knowledge exchange, deliberate on possible road map for the food and hospitality sector to be able to create a multiplier effect for the economy. It provides a platform for industry leaders to share knowledge and discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead for the industry.

Hospitality Tech Conclave

Over the years technology has become an integral part of food and hospitality business, and hospitality technology is now considered extremely critical for success of organisations. This conclave is a chosen platform to bring forth India’s forward thinking in the food service and hospitality establishments. The congregation allows participants to learn and evaluate the latest industry trends, network with industry experts, and identify innovative sources for novel products to improve business operations and boost profitability, which lead to efficient delivery of guest services.

General Managers Conclave

It is an elite platform where general managers of hotels and resorts come together to brainstorm aspects that matter the most to this sector. The best of hotels come forward to participate in this conclave and ignite minds of the industry. There is a well-planned Hospitality Leaders Round Table discussion lined up that will take place among the industry professionals—privy only to a selected few. This panel discussion brings together the top hospitality leaders from the region and beyond.

Master Class on Kitchen Design & Planning

Good design and planning are characteristics for a smart business entity in terms of food-hospitality business. As a knowledge forum, this master class session motivate professional kitchen consultants on refrigeration to deliberate on energy-efficient kitchens, and how more emphasis should be laid on design and planning.

Master Class on US Poultry

Coming soon...

Housekeeping Seminar

Cleanliness and hygiene are extremely essential parameters that lay the success foundations for any food and hospitality establishment. These aspects are strictly regulated by housekeeping department and to acknowledge the hard work this profession entails, FHIn 2019 is organising Housekeeping Seminar to understand and identify challenges and scope to improve India’s hospitality standards. Noted housekeepers and hospitality professionals will be deliberating on key agendas that affect housekeeping in hospitality.

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