Key Features

Key Features


The venue of the exhibition is a buzzing world from within. As an exhibitor, you get to meet a lot of people beyond conventional visitors. FHIn ensure that you get prominence among hosted buyers who are particularly invited to be part of the show—they are typically the minds that give the industry a direction. Apart from this, several conference and roundtable discussions take place at the venue giving you the opportunity to meet who’s who of the food and hospitality industry.


The key highlight of participating in FHIn is to enable your product/company make a transition from being a name to a brand. A lot of activities are undertaken to offer you media mileage where your company name gets reflected with prominence thus creating a constant connect between potential users and your company.


The show is a perfect zone to experience the newness in the minds of the food and hospitality professionals. Exceptional innovations come to the fore as exhibits during the show that inspire everyone present at the occasion.

Customer Connect

There are specific zones to cater to your business meeting needs. Furthermore, special arrangements are made to ensure that business deliberations do not take a pause and continuous efforts are made to facilitate to connect you with customers with specific needs that you serve as an expert for. FHIn identifies visitors pouring in and facilitate ways to help them reach your stall.

An Ideal International Platform

With the network of food and hospitality shows, every other show keeps a keen eye on FHIn progress and participation. Therefore, participation in FHIn takes your entity to different quarters, in addition to promotion through various media channels that promote your reach to global platforms.

Lead Generation

The show, owing to its reach through sister global shows, helps exhibitors to create information flow to other markets. This is a great way to promote companies that lead to generation of interest of products exhibited in FHIn in other countries as well. Moreover, if required, people get contacts through FHIn offices in India and its associates present globally through Informa Markets.

Market Intelligence

It offers an ideal marketplace to launch new products, identify competitive changes and gauge market reactions to products and services. Owing to participation of premium exhibitors and thought provoking industry professionals, the show becomes a melting pot of understanding the undercurrent trends that may surface in near future.


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